Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sew Wonderful

In high school we had the option of signing up for home economics or shop.  Boys chose shop, girls chose home economics.  Being contrarian by nature, and thinking this might be a good way of meeting boys- I signed up for Shop.  I made a very nice wooden stool shaped like a turtle- but I didn't make any love connections.  Since that time, I have completely and utterly regretted my decision. 

I love clothes!  I love fabric!  What was I thinking!

I finally found a way to  make right that bad adolescent choice I made 25 (or more) years ago.  I signed up for an online sewing class!  I am so excited, I can't wait to go shopping for my fabrics:-)  My husband bought me a machine for my birthday two years ago - and I have used it, but teaching myself has many drawbacks.  I have made some lovely playscapes for my daughter, some very funny hats, a couple of wall hangings, and I have hemmed a few pairs of pants.  I also have many projects that I have begun- and never finished.  Button holes and zippers are daunting tasks that I haven't drummed up the courage to attempt.  So, here I go.  Of course with working full time, taking care of two small children under 4, teaching, having a relationship with my husband and friends, and trying to still make some art- I will get even less sleep.  But who needs sleep!  I am too excited!  Think of the possibilities!  
  My machine... I should think of a suitable name for her.  Have you named your sewing machine?  
Who taught you how to sew?


Ayala Art said...

My machine has no name, but it's a good idea to have one for it! My grandmother thought me how to sew, but that was MANY moons ago, I wish I remembered all the stuff we did together. I go like you, a couple of things and back to the box it goes.
If it works for you, let me now!
And good luck!

Janet Ghio said...

You've got alot of stitch choices on that machine. I couldn't see what kind it was. Good luck with your class.

rebecca said...

how can you go wrong with all those amazing sacred hearts watching over you???

my mother taught me to sew when i was quite young. i LOVE to sew to this day.i especially love teaching others to sew....dear friends, who like you took shop class for the very same reasons!


peggy aplSEEDS said...

i admire you for finding the time to do art and now, enrol in a class! my children are all grown up and i still find it hard to find the time.

rebecca said...

good morning! i love thinking of you as a young girl with a favorite holy card!
anima sola is beautiful...interesting choice for a very young girl!

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