Thursday, July 29, 2010

Haiku my heart- swimming...

diving in water
 her awkward fearless beauty
 surfacing happy

I never learned to swim... which is why it has been so important for my daughter to learn.  I love how passionate she is about being in the water.  It takes all kinds of bribery to get her out of the pool.  
Maybe one day she will inspire me to give it a try.
Can't be a mermaid if you don't know how to swim.

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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

In her bones, mermaids
sing watery melodies
and she sings with them.

Haiku My Heart…to the Clouds

Meri said...

Such a cute waterbaby.

GrandmaK said...

You know that's just how I felt about my children. I could not learn to swim...But they did! Grand haiku!

Spadoman said...

This is beautiful! I often take my Grand children swimming and they are all water kids. This is sweet.
The best verse isn't just in that Haiku, I like the reference in your narrative about the mermaid, a lot!


rebecca said...

and with your haiku so many flooding memories from childhood. your love too floods this offering. perfect gift for your mermaid, offering a wider more adventurous world to explore.
yes. indeed, you too should learn to swim, perfect leap of faith!
thank you for being here.

*jean* said...

amazing...such a gorgeous child! me too, about my son...learning and succeeding at swimming..

deb did it said...

happily surfacing...I LOVE IT!! and oh Mr Magical...that "mermaid watery melody" haiku is wonderful

Delphyne said...

What an incredibly beautiful mermaid picture! I love "awkward fearless beauty." Perfect!

I never learned to swim, either, but love being near the water. I think someone has hidden my Selkie skin so that I can't return to the Ocean that I love. One day, I will locate it, though!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I never learned either. How wonderful that your littlest mermaid is learning. Theresa

Sarah said...

What a lovely haiku and sweet story about you and your daughter. I can't remember learning to swim-but I would recommend it as i is such fun-just being in the water is lovely!

paper-n-soul said...

You've beautifully captured your daughter's 'awkward, fearless beauty' in both image and verse. Perfect moment.


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