Thursday, August 19, 2010

Haiku my heart - His eyes

Looking in his eyes
sleepless warm who knows me best
wrapped in tomorrow

August 19th is my husband's birthday.   This is my second marriage, and yet I can barely remember a time when my husband and I we were not side by side.  This raising of children can be trying- but I feel we have weathered the sleeplessness, the discombobulation, the awkward feelings of not knowing - and are growing as partners.   So my haiku today is a thank you to my husband and a wish that this next year is full of creativity, opportunity, laughter,  passion, and love.

Thank you Rebecca - for even though my life gets overwhelming, 
I always try to at least do this post each week.  
For more Haikus- visit Rebecca's beautiful blog and maybe even join us.
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Uma said...

Such a beautiful haiku, thanks for sharing and wishing you many more years of togetherness with your husband.

Spadoman said...

Very very nice Haiku! It speaks of unconditional love and has a peacefulness about it.
Tell me about that painting, or is it a photograph? It is amazing!
We are about to celebrate 39 years here at Spadoville.


deb did it said...

~wrapped in tomorrow~ such a lovely sentiment!

Leslie said...

It's a good feeling to be secure in the tomorrows with the person who knows you best.

Your haiku is filled with love.

Delphyne said...

Beautiful tribute to your husband and your relationship. May he have many more happy birthdays and may you two have many more happy, healthy and humorous years together.

*jean* said...

so very perfect in the description of a loving partner

paper-n-soul said...

What a beautiful haiku about hope and love. Wishing you both many more birthday haiku.


Meri said...

Here's to birthdays and true love!

Ms. Moon said...

Second marriages can be the best thing ever.

Stephanie said...

wonderful isn't it after so many years it still feels fresh.


Dianne said...

What a wonderful birthday gift... Lovely haiku...

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Beautiful image and haiku. Hope your husband had a wonderful birthday. My hubby is my best friend - I feel fortunate to have met him (I'm his second wife). We're definitely soulmates. Theresa

rebecca said...


thank you for sharing this soulful acknowledgement.
forever love.
all tomorrows and longer days.

Kathy McCullen said...

You are so blessed to have each other. Lovely haiku that reminds us all of the beauty of the familiar, the everyday, and even the awkwardness of "partnership."

Leo said...

Your haiku is very beautiful, and shows the love! :)

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