Saturday, May 22, 2010

this month's inspirations and distractions...

I have only been posting once a week here lately.  I feel like I am running a marathon.  For the next four weeks, I am teaching two classes on cross cultural psychology at the local university.  I love the class and I feel it is so important- but with the baby, my daughter, and my regular job- I am thinking this maybe my last semester.  We will see.  I love the passionate voices, the debates about racism, and the way I can feel like an ally to those who are disenfranchised by psychology... but the classes have me working very long hours- I get home after the kids are already asleep twice a week.  I know it is just for four weeks, but I still can't help but feel so guilty.   I also feel like it is hard to get art time in.  But, I thought I would share some of the things I have been thinking about lately:-)

Since my last post, I thought I would include a little picture from my daughter. I have a watercolor station set up on the dining room table.  She paints at least ten pictures a day.  She has always loved to make a mark.  I try very hard to intersperse her paintings with mine around the house.  She talks about how we are artists.  I love it.  I think she is pretty advanced for three and a half!  (But of course, I am her mother.)  But seriously, don't you love those color choices!

 I also was feeling a bit guilty about not talking very much about my sweet little Leo.  He is so quiet and non-demanding, that I am afraid he often doesn't get the same attention as his sister.  I realized that I haven't even played with his image yet!  So, I decided to use the picture I took of him this morning at Caya's dance class and have some fun with Photoshop.  I think he will have to be a painting very soon.  (I have already started a Caya inspired tantrum painting- but he is definitely next!)
  Weather permitting, I will take some nice images of my newest Frida painting and offer a print this week as a giveaway.  I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend...


Diane said...

Both of your children sound wonderful!! I love that your actively bringing art into your daughter's life and that she's appreciating it.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a sweet little boy! Very cute. And I love that your daughter wants to take up painting as well - she did a tremendous job! :)

rebecca said...

your painting. eyes covered. this speaks to me so strongly!
thank you, in all your business for taking the time to share this.
it has completely riveted my heart.

sending you love and time with your children.

rebecca said...

and did i mention the hummingbird?

rebecca said...

will you ever part with this painting??

eyes covered, hoping,

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