Saturday, May 15, 2010

Little Frida

I finished a painting this evening- which makes me unbelievably happy.  I started this painting to donate to an auction- but somewhere in the middle, I realized I was painting about my daughter and couldn't give it up.  The painting started as a little Frida.  I have always loved painting Frida.  As a tragic teenager who loved to make art, Frida was my heroine.  Twenty-six years later, and I still can't get enough of her image.  I remember the first real life Frida painting I ever saw on tour in San Antonio- I couldn't stop crying.  She moves me. 
Another person who moves me is my daughter.  She is an amazing little person.  She is so smart that she can frighten me.  She spoke a hundred words when she was one. (my husband and I counted) She is extremely verbal and worries about black holes.  She is only three.  She sits in front of the mirror staring at her reflection as she makes different expressions.  Caya happy.  Caya sad.  Caya surprised.  She says she will never stop looking at herself- because she loves herself.  She draws unbelievable little people with eyelashes and tutus that dance, cry, and have babies.  She sings songs that she makes up with beautiful  melodies about how much she loves me.  She can also throw a tantrum that can make my blood curdle.  She is already telling me that I am ruining her life- just because she can't wear her favorite dress to eat spaghetti.  Her new sibling has only increased her penchant for drama.  Again she is only three.  Through her, I am learning how to be patient and accept her for all that she is- but it is not always easy.  I still can't believe I taught parenting classes.  I clearly didn't know anything at all about raising a child.
So- in this painting, I began to wonder about Frida.  I started stamping in the background... "I wonder what you were like when you were a little girl.  Were you exquisitely sensitive?  Could you throw a terrible tantrum when things did not go your way?  Could you be silly?  Did you want to be a princess?  Did you know that you were beautiful- wonderful?"   I answered on her dress "yes".


rebecca said...

your paintings are such a birthing from within. and always so rich in thought.

and your daughter? intense in the way everyone who knows her, probably in wonder, is where she will take her self in this live. what she will be, do, achieve.

i hope you paint, draw, create together. i would love to see what
the fruits of a mother daughter creative session.

as to parenting? you are so right...our children can take us to uncharted ground in a heartbeat!

my son is graduating from high school in two weeks! (18 i so much easier than three!!!)

Ayala Art said...

This post was so much fun to read! The painting is beautiful! And yes, "childless" friends always know the best advise in parenting, till they have a kid themselves ha!
Your daughter is beautiful, just don't let her watch too much TV.... That's probably where she got the "ruining her life" bit hehehehe They are so cute at that age! :oD

Make prints of your painting, I want one!!

priti.lisa said...

Holy Moly! I am in love with Little Frida! So much thought and love went into this painting and it all shines is incredible!
And so are you.
And your daughter.

BTW, my son (20) is named Leo and he was/is so little Mia (15) was and is a test of patience, but somehow, still, she is my biggest inspiration in my art, and one of my best friends. Motherhood is indescribable.

Caya-Papaya said...

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for your comments:-) it is nice to know that it does get easier. I love my little Caya so much - I sometimes just wish I could always be the mother I want to be for her. Thanks for all of your encouragement. So far my little Leo has been pretty easy comparatively. Maybe it is the name???

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Your new painting is just stunning! I can see why your sweet daughter is your muse. How expressive she is - and incredibly intelligent! Theresa

Melissa said...

Little Frida is gorgeous/amazing! It's an amazing piece and can totally understand why you couldn't give it away.

My daughter is also graduating shortly. I totally agree with rebecca - 18 is easier than long as you kept them in line over the years ;). She's a really nice girl, well behaved, and she's got a fairly long leash (so to speak) because we can trust her. It took a certain amount of willingness to be the 'bad guy' so that she was disciplined.

One thing I learned recently that I wish I knew when she was younger....just because she's upset doesn't mean I have to be, just because she's feeling impatient doesn't mean I have to, just because she's frustrated doesn't mean I have to be, I can remain calm cool and collected even if she's having a teenager tantrum. Her disquiet doesn't have to disquiet me.


Caya-Papaya said...

Very good advice!

Harley Jebens said...

"She says she will never stop looking at herself - because she loves herself." Love that thought. So straight-forward. So simple. So profound.

Love the name Leo, too. That was my wife's dad's name!

Imthemom said...

I love this painting! Both the concept and the execution. It's just wonderful.

Little Caya...creative, sensitive, insightful, sweet, smart, AND with a temper?? Gee, where does she get all these features??!!

Glad you are making time to make art and I just know you are a wonderful mama.

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