Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time to Shrine Auction

So here is a sneak peak of my shrine.  

The date of the auction is currently TBA... but I will let you know... I think it will be soon.
I am very happy with how my shrine turned out- and I can't wait to share even more of it.

Last year, I was utterly impressed with all of the amazing, beautiful, and creative shrines 
that were auctioned in support of this cause.

For more information about the Auction and to see some other sneak peaks -
visit Rebecca's blog at Recuerda mi corazon


rebecca said...

i am loving your snippets of creativity! lovely, colourful and exciting!

thanks caya for giving your heart so enthusiastically once again for the shrine project.

i am in great suspense for your shrine reveal!

Gloria said...

Hi Caya! Looking forward to seeing your shrine. I know it will be great. Have a great week.

rebecca said...

be still my heart!!!!!!!!!!

how fortunate for me to be able to sneak behind the scenes of our gallery of hope! it is all a buzz with excitement as it grows artist by artist.
i woke this morning to the thrill of hummingbird wings and your most heart stunning shrine!!! truly your love was infused in this energetic heartfelt shrine!
thank you with all my heart for being here once again with a force of love for the children!

Boonie S said...

This looks like fun, and all for a good cause too. Well done!

All the best, Boonie

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Sounds amazing and such a good cause. Thanks for the sneak peek of your offering. I know the entire shrine will be lovely. Happy Mother's Day weekend to you! Theresa

rebecca said...

today is your day to shrine at recuerda mi corazon!

thank you for you joyous offering deann, you have an inspired heart of gold!

Noelle Renee said...

I have seen it on rebecca's blog. I am stunned at its incredible beauty. You have outdone yourself. It is simply breathtaking and I love the little Frida in the jar. So moving, all of it!

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