Sunday, June 27, 2010

hot hot hot

It was a sweltering day- but I am proud to say that we left the house and took the kids to the park.  Children everywhere- screaming and running in the water.  My husband and I took turns following (more like chasing) our daughter from activity to activity- while the other sat on a blanket in the shade with Leo.  A beautiful day full of family and sunshine.  I didn't do the laundry.  I didn't clean up the patio.  I didn't read my students' papers (which scare me a little- they are sooo long).  I didn't go through the pile of no longer worn baby clothes that are sitting  in the bedroom.  I didn't take the latest exercise dvd out of the shrink wrap.   And I am not going to.  I smell like sunscreen. And now I will make art and consider the day a beautiful success.


Caya-Papaya said...

update: I made a cute little monster collage for my son and my husband did the laundry;-)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Most adorable little face! That is so awesome that your hubby did the laundry...more time for you to create!!! Theresa :)

rebecca said...

ahhhhh you followed your heart.
and everyone was fuller for it!
perfect day.

rebecca said...

come play in the haiku garden...
simple words, like light breezes,
are lifting our hearts!

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