Monday, January 25, 2010

Setting Goals

So... it is said that the best thing you can do to reach your goals is to first write them down.  I am a firm believer in breaking down big goals so that they are not quite as daunting.  As a therapist, I often will set very small goals so that both my client and myself can feel successful and build upon that success.  There is nothing like momentum when you are trying hard to achieve something.  So.. here are my goals for the week!

1.  Have a total of thirty listings in my ETSY store by Sunday
2.  Make some cookies.
3.  Start working on valentines day cards with my daughter.
4.  Clean out the art cabinet in the music room- which we hope to be converting into a special room for my daughterl
5.  Send my mother a package.
6.  Enjoy this last week with my son before I go back to work.

I will keep you posted as to how I do!  The image in one of my most recent additions to my ETSY store.  I have been having so much fun making art these past few months.  I have to really work hard to make sure that continues even after I go back to work.


julie mitchell said...

I'm just learning the goodness of lists...usually I only write them for my husband...but I really need to get organized this year so I do meet my goals and it seems breaking them down and staying on track are important in accomplishing I'm a fledgling list I'm off to sign up for your wonderful give away...hug, hug

Jasmine said...

Your work is very unusual. I love it.

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