Sunday, April 18, 2010

April showers...

Lots has happened this week...
First (and most important)- My mother got the news that her cancer has gone into remission!  She was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma almost a year ago and had to undergo some brutal chemotherapy.  Because the therapy was so intense- and her health was so compromised, she couldn't' travel... and because we had such a new baby, and we have been so afraid of illness too- we haven't traveled either.  Which means that my mother has not met my son.  (the pictures is of my mom with my daughter)  My brother is getting married this coming weekend- and we are packing up the family to go home to Texas.  I am beside myself with excitement about introducing Leo to everyone.  And I can't wait to hug my mom and feel her beautiful bald head:-)  I will have to create a retablo when I return!

I have also been very busy this week giving presentations and starting a new phase in my career doing mental health assessing and diagnosing for children who are having difficulty in school and are at risk of losing their school placement.  I am excited about the change- even though I am also a bit worried about how different it will be then doing treatment work.  I love knowing my clients for years... it will be hard to work with someone for only fifty days.

We are also getting new carpet in one of our bedrooms- which means everything in the bedroom is currently in the living room and dining room.  I really have a difficult time when my space is as chaotic as I am.  I am trying to just not pay attention.

Also important- the Oaxaca Street Children Auction has begun!  You can visit the site at  The altars are so beautiful and creative.  What an amazing auction hosted by Rebecca Brooks!  Please visit and bid on one of the amazing altars!  How wonderful that you can get an incredible piece of artwork and also benefit a very worthy cause!

And lastly- I picked a winner using the handy dandy random number generator- and the lucky number was "5"- so congratulations to Faerie Moon Creation!  She sells beautiful jewelry on her etsy site.  I love this Alice in Wonderland inspired piece... - and I would urge everyone to pay her a visit here
Okay... I  am off to sleep.  I have so much to do this week to get ready for my trip!!!  



rebecca said...

i am thrilled for you to be traveling home to your mom!! and the joy it will bring her to finally hold your son...

very sweet indeed.

(in the morning you will find yourself as my featured artist. i love your work and am so grateful to have you join me this year in helping the children!!)


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Thank you for your very sweet mention of me! I am so delighted to win some of your amazing artwork! :) Congratulations to your mom on her bill of health - that is truly good news to hear. And how wonderful it will be for her to meet your son!!! :) xoxo Theresa

rebecca said...

dear deann,
your vibrant offering, una vida,muchas muertes has transformed into a brighter future for countless children.
thank you for following your heart and believing a shared humanity.
i am honored to know you.

rebecca said...

i am missing you!!!
hopefully you are swept up in the beauty of spring.

i have posted a compelling call out today.
i hope you will
and help me incite compassion.
as beautiful as spring and full of promise.

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