Saturday, March 13, 2010

Inspired Distraction

I have talked a bit before about my deficiencies in the realm of attention.  I have such difficulty staying on task and if I don't complete a project in a week - it will sit in my little studio space for years without being finished.   As a therapist, I often want to psychoanalyze this character flaw - but I think the real issue is that I become inspired so often by things that are beautiful.  So- in honor of beautiful things, I decided to have my monthly blog post where I can show you the artwork that is distracting me.   (The above painting is a self portrait I made over twenty years ago.  I just realized it is hanging over the baby's changing table... maybe I need to move it.)
This is a textile work that I am utterly in love with.  It is by a woman named Betty Busby.  You can click on her image to visit her etsy store. She has a slide show of her work here.  I look at this, and I think- maybe I should work with textiles.. I want to try!
Another textile work that I have fallen in love with.  The artist, Jen Swearington, creates these beautiful pieces on recycled bed sheets.  It is taking everything in me not to go searching through my linens for a discarded pillow case so that I can give it a go.
This little bird is by the artist Emily Sutton.  I just think it is amazing.  Her website is full of whimsical songbirds and illustrations.  I decide that I need more birds in my artwork.  I have a few hummingbird pieces and a couple of crow pieces...

Every time I read my daughter an Ana Juan book I decide that maybe I should illustrate a children's book.  If you haven't read her books- I would really recommend them.  The artwork is stunning, emotional, and magical.  You can visit her website here.
  I become so overwhelmed with creative possibilities that I end up not getting much of anything accomplished.   Anyone else become paralyzed with creative possibilities?

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Anonymous said...

Oh totally. In a way I wish we didn't have internet, but on the other hand, everything out there is soooo mesmerizing and inspiring and enlightening and...... well you know. Glad I found you on your treasury 'Water' which explains why it it so filled with artwork.
Peace n Abundance,

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