Thursday, March 3, 2011

Haiku my Heart- Leo

You can melt my heart
with your laughter and kisses
my beautiful boy

I decided for today, I would write about my son for a change!  My little girl often steals the spotlight, but today she fell asleep in the back seat- and it was my little boy who entertained me on the drive home... blowing kisses at me and laughing with that tiny little voice that makes my heart ache.
I have been so busy with my monster art, raising my family, being sick, and working too much - that I have neglected my Caya Papaya blog.  I am definitely on the mend, and  have some art ideas that I need to work on before they escape me... so hopefully, this week I can check in before next Friday's Haiku!

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rebecca said...

i love that we are honoring our sons today. yours blowing kisses...mine easily picking me up and showering me with kisses, which he often does!
how quickly our children grow...
all i can say is kiss the jOY as it flies!

thank you for using deb's beautiful picture and inviting your readers to join in.

i look forward to fridays and all of us gathering together once more. so glad you are here.

Anonymous said...

Your art is wonderful! I, too, have been using a blog to try to be more creative. I have a long way to go, but you greatly inspire me. I am going to add your blog as a favorite on my site.

Riette said...

I like your haiku very much and it's a beautiful photo of little Leo!

Gloria said...

Hi Caya. I love that you wrote about your son. He is a darling. Your artwork is just awesome. Just popped in to say hi. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care.

gemma said...

Precious little one...blowing kisses and smiles to him.

phil said...

wonderful tribute.

Yes, we boys dig the spotlight now and then. :)

Margaret Pangert said...

He is adorable! Those big brown eyes and air of contentment! Your haiku is such a sweet paean to him. ♥

tami said...

what a sweet tribute to a sweet boy : )

Nanka said...

Your little boy is so gorgeous and adorable!! Looks like you are inspired by your two lovely kittens to do those wonderful 'little monsters'.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

He is one beautiful little boy. He definitely melted my heart. :) Glad you are feeling better. Theresa

*jean* said...

oo so sweet and poignant

GYamato said...

after they have grown
they may come back like boomerangs
tiny chicks in tow

Thank you for reminding me.
I woke up saying 'I love you' to both my sons, now grown and tending to their own lives, then rushing to babble and my granddaughter via skype

Noelle Renee said...

However did I miss this incredibly beautiful picture of your son? It is so tender, so gentle and sweet. He looks out at the world and its heart is opened to him. I love your haiku as well. So glad you are on the mend, Deeann.

Anonymous said...

Your art is so beautiful!

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