Thursday, February 17, 2011

Haiku my Heart - spiral staircase

all is flight and light
climbing a spiral staircase
to get somewhere else

I missed the last couple of weeks due to unbelievable sickness- but I am feeling somewhat better now.  I didn't really understand when I was young without children that being sick, sleeping for days, and letting everything go is a luxury that a mother doesn't have.  My body finally completely exhausted itself and I ended up in the ER getting IV fluids.  I got better just in time to take care of my sick little ones.  Now everyone is on the mend- and life is feeling a bit more manageable.

I am having a give away on my other blog- so drop by and leave a comment:-)  alphabetty monster give-away I hope everyone out there is feeling healthy and taking care of yourself!

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Nanka said...

Glad to hear that all is coming back to normal and on the road to recovery. Now I see you climbing up and soon you will take flight to come out with excellent haikus such as this one!
Take care!

deb did it said...

welcome back to the haiku life and healthy living! Sorry it has been so rough for you. ~rest and be well~

Grammy said...

I am glad you are feeling better now. I dealt with this since October. 3 cases of Strep and bronchitis. This has been one winter I am glad to see go. I enjoyed your haiku and photo. I love spiral stair cases.

Spadoman said...

Most important is that you and family are feeling better. So sorry to hear you've been ill.
I love the photo. I love spiral stairways in general. Good haiku Caya Papaya, so glad you're better.


rebecca said...

sorry to read there has been this extra difficult challenge.
your haiku illustrates the arduous effort of climbing upward. the positive inclusion of the words flight ...light, are filled with significant improvement.
here is my hope, that every step takes your family towards peace, ease and renewal.
thanks for being here caya, you have been missed.

Ramesh Sood said...

Happy Health to You and Your Family.... welcome back dear.. a nice haiku, this!!

tami said...

so sorry you were ill. take care of you! I have a fascination with spiral staircases. Love this!

Margaret Pangert said...

Haha, Caya Papaya! The trick is to savor the moment you are actually on the staircase! Otherwise, we're always struggling with plans, hectic lifestyles, etc. Very well said and illustrated!
Glad you are feeling better: because on the other hand, life can't come to a complete stop, either! ♥

Kim Mailhot said...

Yes that spiral of life can sure be a challange some times. Glad you are on the way back up...

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Sorry to hear you were so ill! But I'm glad that you are well on your way back to health. Lovely haiku and imagery, as always. There is something special and mysterious about spiral staircases. Take care and have a wonderful weekend! Theresa

paper-n-soul said...

What an intriguing photo... leaves me pondering what's at the top.

So glad you're feeling better.


ms pie said...

reminds me of new orleans seeing the staircase... your ku puts a whole other perspective i never saw before... we are all climbing somewhere at one time or another... so glad to hear you are well and back on the mend... thank you for the link to your other site i enjoyed the visit immensely... ms pie

gemma said...

Life is a spiral, each time we come back around at a different elevation
a little more experienced.

Noelle Renee said...

I love your spiral staircase. I have a post of many of them on my blog not to far back. Your haiku is beautiful is well,inspirational.
I am very happy to hear that you are on the mend and I am sorry that it came to going to the ER, but sometimes our bodies give out in order to alert us to the fact that self-care is more than necessary. Be good to yourself my dear. You are so deserving.

Lauren jonczak said...

Wow, I love that spiral staircase, it's so elegant. I just bought my first house and I was checking out spiral staircase prices the other day. I would love to have a spiral staircase like that one in my house. Thanks so much for sharing Caya-Papaya!

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