Sunday, January 23, 2011

Leaves of my Tree Giveaway

Leaves of my Tree is a wonderful blog that is currently hosting a giveaway this month- and one of the things that is being given away is a set of four of my monster prints.  Some of you may not know about my monster prints- so here is a brief explanation.
Above my son's changing table used to be the image that you see above.   It is a self portrait of me when I was maybe twenty with a weird feather boa on my head making a crazy face.   I kept looking at it wondering what my son thought when he saw it.  Was he frightened?  What would he think about me if he continued to look at this every time he had a dirty diaper.  What would he think about having his diaper changed?  So, I decided that I needed more baby friendly art.  At first, I thought of making a little garland of monsters.  I have always loved monsters - and I love all things cute.  So, when my children went to sleep,   I made my first set of  three little monsters.   On each of their bellies I put the letters L - E - O to spell his name.  Every time he looks at them, I tell him their names are L - E - O, and then I tickle his belly and say "Leo".   I used to spell my daughter's name to her all the time when she was an infant, and she could spell her own name before she was two.

So that was the beginning of my little monsters.  My husband thought they were cute, and he encouraged me to make more.  I thought it would be fun to make 26 - one for every letter of the alphabet.  So, I stayed up late every night making little monsters and when I was done,  I opened up my second ETSY shop- Alphabetty Monsters.  Thankfully, I have received lots of wonderful feedback and my little monster store is now more successful than my original store showcasing my fine art paintings.  Who would have known?

I have also started a little blog dedicated to my monsters - and also my work with children.  Aside from my experience as a mom, I have been a therapist working with disturbed children for going on 15 years.  So please visit if you get a chance:-)   Click Here

Okay.... enough about me:-)  How is everyone else doing?


Faerie Moon Creations said...

I love the story of how your cute monsters (I do think they are really cute) came to be. Congrats on the giveaway! I hope there are lots of entrants for your amazing work! Theresa

peggy aplSEEDS said...

they sure are cute, your monsters! i'm off to check out that blog. thanks for sharing!

RS 2007 Gold said...

really like the tale of how your lovely creatures (I do think they are really cute) came to be. Congratulations on the giveaway! I wish there are plenty of newcomers for your awesome work! TheresaGold On Runescape
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