Friday, September 24, 2010

Practical Magic- Sisters


What super fun- and believe me when I say that this has been the best escape for a pretty terrible evening.

The thing that speaks to me most about this film is the relationship between the sisters.  My sister and I are incredibly close, and  although we don't live near enough- we communicate constantly and I would definitely drive across the country if it meant helping her in some way.  She is a part of my heart.  With that, I am dedicating this little piece to her.  A quick aside, I ended up needing her tonight- and she came to my rescue- from a thousand miles away.

The piece was created in a "Romeo Y Julieta" cigar box.  
I was waiting to use it for the right project- what better than for a piece about love?


young and beautiful 
she exposes her heart

the butterflies speak to 
vulnerable transformations


innocent strong
amidst cold crystal branches

and glittering blossoms
romantic but safe

I am not sure which sister I am, and which is my sister... but the love feels familiar.
Wishing everyone a happy practical magic blog party!

OH.... how about a giveaway!
I will give away a glass charm pendant with my image of Sally or Gillian - you can pick. 
How about 3 lucky winners!
I will choose from comments on Sunday!

I will be working all day on my daughter and son's birthday party,
but can't wait until this evening when I can sit down and enjoy the party!
Feel free to comment:-)


Sparkster said...

This is wonderful! I love your versions of the two girls, and thank you for sharing personal thoughts that make the experience your own, as well as offering a give away.

Happy birthday to the little sprouts! May it be the best yet!

Lenora said...

Love the painting of 'Sally'.. wonderful words.. 2 birthdays ino ne weekend - you will be buy! Magical Post - Thanx for sharing, we loved this! - what fun!

For More Practical Magic stop by at
Practical Magic - How To Make A Magic Wand

Samantha Marshall said...

I absolutely adore the paintings-gorgeous!!!

Kat the hat lady! said...

Wonderful Practical Magic post :-). I love the painting of Gillian. Kat

Pauline said...

Such a wonderful post and creations you've shared for the party! It was a delight to share a midnight margarita with you! I share the sister bond with you - my sister and I are very different, but joined no matter where we are. She is definitely the "Gilly" and I am the "Sally"! Thank you so much for sharing, and for the chance to win something special!
hugs and blessings from Australia,

Susan's crafty chaos said...

What a beautiful box, and a very fitting tribute to sisterly love! I hope the birthday party goes well and your son and daughter both have a magical day :D

Feathers and Flight said...

Your Drawings are Lovely! What Beautiful Work you do!Thank You for Sharing!

jasmoon-butterfly said...

Merry meet
How beautiful, OOOooo to share that connection with a sister would be something very special to treasure - I have a very special connection with my mother as I am an only child...your post was heart warming thank you for sharing ;0)
Please count me in for giveaway...
blessed be
Trace oxox

Birgit said...

That's a wonderful post -- and I loved to see your great paintings. :)

-- Birgit

Leah said...

So beautiful! You really captured them!

Lisa said...

Ah, I focused on the sister bond, as well, though I have no blood sister. What beautiful paintings of the sisters!!! Thank you for this generous giveaway. If I should win, I would love little Sally. :)

Scrap Vamp said...

Beautiful artwork! Love that box! Thanks for the invite to your party!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a beautiful post. And what beautiful art you created. The power of family is so magical in itself - enjoy putting the finishing touches on the birthday party for your two sweeties. And feel free to visit me when you can:

Sincerely, Theresa

Shaiha said...

What beautiful artwork!

Stop by and visit for a magical giveaway

Faerie Sage said...

The cigar box was a great choice! Your artwork is wonderful. Hope you have fun at the party and enjoy the blog party tonight!

My link is not up yet but feel free to visit me at

Wendy said...

Such soulful expressions of the sisters in the movie and also for you and yours...Thank you for sharing the art and the giveaway as well. I hope your parties went magickally :)

Penny said...

Your Cigar box was indeed used for a special purpose. and it came out so beautiful.

Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

If you have time drop by my blog and check out my giveaway.

Brightest Blessings,

rebecca said...

love that you have
that you are

hope all is well in your heart and world.


The Blue Faerie said...

Wow, CP your art is just gorgeous! What do you use? Crayon and... water color...? I can't draw to save my life so I'm guessing. :P Very cool and original blog party post!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I love you post and your artwork! It is wonderful that you have your sister to share this post with! I'm praying my Brother will come back to us and enjoy this magical fun too... He SO LOVES Magic!
I would LOVE to be entered for your giveaway... Thank you for the chance...
Hugs, Donna

beverly said...

Your images of the sisters are so magickal! Enjoyed stopping by your page and appreciate your giveaway.

Wendy said...

What a wonderful post. Yes you are right. The bond between sisters is incredible. I lost mine years back, very young age, and I miss her dearly, but we are bound and connected by the magical bonds that sisters have and we are always together in spirit.
Your artwork is absolutely incredible.
Spells and Wishes,
Wendy from wonderland

Aimee Jeffries said...

The perfect cigar box for this project, I love them both!

Anna @ Frosted Petunias said...

The sister bond in the story is also my favorite. How lucky that you have one who is there for you. Your box is amazing. I love your Sally and Gillian. I've been a fan of your beautiful art. Thank you for adding magic to our party and I hope things will get better soon.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog > I love your art too. You made something beautiful for the Practical magic Blog party. I love finding new blogs this way

Incipient Wings said...

how fortunate you are for having a close relationship with your sister, Congratulations!
you have so much talent. The art work you have created is breathtaking!
Have a wonderful day!

Dianne said...

Beautiful piece!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Deann, What a great piece of art. I often wish I had a sister. I just wanted to come by and say thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and I hope that we cross pathsagain.

Katy Cameron said...

Oh what a wonderful creation, thanks for sharing with us party goers

Laura said...

Hi I'm stopping by for the Practical Magic blog party. I love your art for this! It is so beautiful and touching.

Susan said...

I envy the sisters and you and your sister. I have one, she is 9 years older than me, she is basically, cold, bitchy and bossy. She wasn't like that when I was in my late teens and 20's.(I hung out at her home, watched her kids we talked and talked, we went through our divorces in the same year, mine was quicker, and I remarried a year later...she kept finding mister wrong) Now that she is supposedly with "mr. right" she is not who she was. She used to wear jeans and tees and be laid back, now she is very uptight and prim and proper. I have had a very, VERY rough adult life starting with those late teen years. She was only there for me (on the periphery after my 2nd trimester miscarriage at the age of 19) I have no one that would drive through the night for me, and it is a lonely horrible feeling.

God bless you both! Additionally i hope whatever your circumstance is at the moment, that things workout to the positive!!

great creation, and I would LOVE to win a sally pendant.

Peace n Love,

(a follower since OWOH) I know i am silent most of the time, but it doesn't mean I do not look or appreciate :)

Michelle Cummings said...

What a wonderful post! Love your wicked art work!! I hope you'll come "fly" over to my blog and see what I have been brewing!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

You are so very talented! What a creative PM idea! And thanks for the giveaway. Have a great week.

Annabelle said...

Lovely artwork and unique take on creating this piece for the PM party. Had a nice visit here.
Annabelle * *
* * ~^..^~ * *

Carol said...

Love our shared version of the sisters!

Hope your birthdays went well!

Thanks for sharing!

~Caol :)

Healing Woman said...

Really beautiful versions of the sisters. I always wanted one but was blessed with two wonderful daughters instead. Lucky, so lucky am I.

Thanks so much for your post.

Michele Seraphim said...

It takes time to go through all these amazing posts and with a life of my own and company... alass this is the soonest I could get here... plus I really enjoy working through these at a lesurely pace. So of course I have missed your contest but please come to my blog to enjoy my giveaway and Practical Magic blog! I really had fun here! Thanks

Carol said...

Hi Deann.....I received your beautiful gift from the PM Blog Party Drawing---THANK YOU! I've written a blog post review on it here:

Thanks again! You do gorgeous work!!!


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