Saturday, October 4, 2008


Today I turn 41 years old. I have to say that although I am irritated with my work- most other things in my life are pretty wonderful. I have a loving spouse who is emotionally supportive and giving- and he is the most amazing father to our daughter... I have a two year old daughter who is my miracle. She is funny, smart, creative, loving, and utterly beautiful... I have a loving and generous family who is always there when I need them... I have creative and interesting friends who inspire me... Things are good.

On the enneagram, I am a 4. The enneagram is an ancient personality classification system. The 4 is the tragic artist. We are creative, introspective, and emotional beings who focus on issues of justice- all pretty good things. We are also the one type on the enneagram that is constantly searching for that which is missing- not such a good thing. I want this year to be about being grateful for what I have- and not about focusing on what I do not have.

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